Sunday Service - 23rd August

Welcome to your service for Sunday 23rd August. To access this service, start from the top and follow each video in order, working your way down the page. We have laid out the order to closely resemble the service style our community is use to at Prince's Drive. This service includes optional content for children including a worship song.




We meet in the name of God,

Creator of the universe,

Source of true humanity,

Mother and father of all.

We meet in the name of Jesus,

Word made flesh,

Saviour of fallen humanity

Lover of all.

We meet in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Lord and giver of life,

Midwife of new humanity,

Inspirer of all.

Come then, eternal God,

Be present now,

Befriend us now,

Renew us now.


Worship Song 1: Goodness Of God - Bethel Music


Children's Content: Story time with Cait - Operation 'No More Tears!'

Children's Worship Song

Sing along and if you want to grab rattles or shakers or something noisy to join in – all the better! Words below.

Jesus will never ever No not ever never ever change He will always always That's for all days, always be the same So as Son of God and King of kings He will forever reign Yesterday today forever Jesus is the same Yesterday today forever Jesus is the same


Worship Song 2: What A Beautiful Name - Hillsong Worship


Intercessions: Richard Hayward


Worship Song 3: See What a Morning - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg


Bible Reading: John 11 17-44


Sermon: 'Raised'


Worship Song 4: O Church Arise (Arise, Shine) - Keith & Kristyn Getty


Closing Prayer